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Refunds for Canceled 2020 Youth Lax Season

Unfortunately, we've had to cancel the spring youth lax season. This email contains info about the refund process.

You will be receiving a refund of the fees you paid. Some families have asked about the possibility of donating the funds to the club rather than receiving a refund, so we've decided to offer the option to donate some or all of what you would be refunded. If you choose to make a donation, you will receive a receipt from the club documenting your charitable donation. 

We have also been asked about applying what has been paid as a credit for next year's fees, but that would significantly complicate the registration process next year for a variety of reasons. Therefore, we've decided not to provide the "credit for next year" option. 

Since we wanted to be ready to go in case some of the spring season could have been salvaged, we had already ordered uniforms. However, we don't want to force you to pay for a uniform that you no longer need (e.g., if your player will be moving to high school next year). On the other hand, we expect some people will want to keep the uniform items they ordered so they'll have them for next year.

Also, if you participated in the "starter kit" equipment program for new players and received some equipment before the season was canceled, we won't be refunding that deposit at this time. You're welcome to keep the equipment as long as you're still planning to use it in the future. If you decide that you want to return it, then we'll return your deposit when you return the equipment (but we won't be doing any such equipment returns for now until it is safe).

Below you'll find a link to a survey form they you'll use to communicate your wishes regarding the refund: That is, do you a) want a full refund or b) want to receive your uniform order and thus deduct its cost from your refund and/or c) want to donate some or all of your refund to the club . If your family has multiple players, you can submit the form once if the same answers apply to all or a separate form for each player if they don't.

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