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Box lacrosse, also known as indoor lacrosse, is an indoor version of lacrosse played in Canada and becoming very popular in the US. Box lacrosse is played between two teams of six players, in a hockey rink with a turf surface. Due to the presence of hockey boards, there are fewer balls out of play, fewer stoppages in play, and more rebounds.


  1. The speed is way faster than anything you would see outdoors.  It makes playing outside seem like going in slow motion.
  2. Playing in closer spaces means your stick skills have to be tighter and quicker. Your stick handling improves because there is no room for error, quite literally.
  3. Shots come hard and fast. Goalies see more shots in a shorter period of time. Their hands and reaction time become much quicker.

Winter Box Lacrosse

 Box lacrosse sessions will be held at the Midland Civic Arena on Wednesdays and Thursdays from Nov through Feb. Each session will consist of one hour of scrimmaging.

Spots are limited. 

No special "box" protective gear will be needed. Field lacrosse protective gear will be adequate (for boys, that means: helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, mouth guard, and cup).


Total # of


Girls 6th-12th 12 $100
Boys K-4th 9 $60
Boys 5th/6th 12 $100
Boys 7th/8th 12 $100
Boys 9th-12th 12 $100
Men 12 $60*

* High school players who are registered for a high school session may also play in the Men's sessions. Individuals of all skill and experience levels are encouraged to play in the Men's sessions.

The Midland Lacrosse Club is a 100% Membership association with US Lacrosse. All coaches and players are required to be members of US Lacrosse. Among the benefits of membership, one of the most important is liability insurance coverage for players, coaches, our board, and our other volunteers. In order to register for winter lax at the civic arena, you will first need to secure a valid membership with US Lacrosse.

Tentative Schedule

Note that this schedule is tentative. We may need to make changes depending on the registration numbers and/or coaches' schedules...but this represents our current plan.

There is only one girls group, and the other groups are boys groups.

Tentative Schedule

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