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All Youth Lacrosse Team Activities and Practices Canceled Until Apr 6

By Jonathan Moore, 03/14/20, 12:15PM EDT


Dear Midland Lacrosse,

We're writing to let you know that we have decided to cancel all youth lacrosse team activities until April 6.

This in itself isn't a huge impact for youth lacrosse because spring break was coming up anyway, we only had 1 or 2 more indoor practices scheduled for each team, and we rarely get much outdoor practicing done in March due to weather.

The first games for both boys and girls are not until April 25 at the earliest, so if we are able to resume practice in early April then we should have adequate time to prepare. Obviously, there is much uncertainty about what situation we'll find ourselves in for early April, but we will plan to re-evaluate things then.

Even in normal times, "wall ball" is one of the most important activities (if not most important) for lacrosse players of all levels of skill and experience to maintain and improve their "stick skills". Passing and catching are the most critical aspects of the game and something that you can practice individually. We would like to encourage all players to make the effort to initiate a wall ball routine (daily, if possible) if you have access to a wall and also to stay physically active during this time when school is out.

Here is a link to some good suggestions about wall ball routines for players with various levels of skill:

You can also find plenty of videos on YouTube of players describing their wall ball routines like this one:

Please note that in most wall ball videos that you see online, the players aren't wearing eye protection or a helmet. Wearing your protective gear for your head (goggles for girls and a helmet for boys) is important to play wall ball safely. We had a youth player several years ago who missed a spring season and a summer travel lax season due to concussion symptoms resulting from hitting himself in the head with a hard throw during wall ball when he wasn't wearing his helmet.

Be safe.

The Midland Lacrosse Board