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Welcome to the 2018 Boys 12U team page

Off Field Assignments: Week 5

Due to the unseasonable weather we have not been able to practice this week. I would like all players to watch these videos on defensive stance, defensive positioning and slides before the games on Saturday. We will work on these topics during the next few practices. Every player (middies & attack) will have to understand these topics not just defensive players!

Defensive Stance & Positioning
How to Play Defense
Defense Drills & Skills
Playing D from the Top
Intro to Team Defense: The Paint
Defensive Slide Overview
Adjacent Slides
Man Down Defense (5 on the Die)

Off Field Assignments: Week 2

This week's assignments include wall ball and dodges. Please watch all the videos by March 27th. There will be a quiz at practice some make sure you watch closely. If you have any questions about the videos we can discuss at practice.
Wall Ball Routine 
Paul Rabil Wall Ball Routine
US Lacrosse - Use Three Basic Dodges
Connor Martin - Face Dodge
Connor Martin - Split Dodge
Connor Martin - Roll Dodge
Connor Martin - Z Dodge
Paul Rabil - Three Tips for Dodging
Best Split Dodges
Best Face Dodges
Inside Roll Dodges

Off Field Assignments: Week 1

Off Field Assignments: Week 1
This week's assignments include the fundamentals of lacrosse and also a video on rules of the game. Please watch all the videos by March 19th (re-watch the videos on the fundamentals multiple time and practice at home). The "extras" are optional but are worth watching. If you have any questions please send me and email or ask at practice. 
Paul Rabil - How to Cradle
Paul Rabil - How to Scoop a Lacrosse Ball 
Paul Rabil - How to Throw a Lacrosse Ball
Paul Rabil - How to Catch a Lacrosse Ball
Paul Rabil - How to Shoot a Lacrosse Ball 
US Lacrosse - 2018 Youth Boys Lacrosse Rules
Extra Videos
Best of 2017 NCAA Lacrosse
Best 2017 NCAA Goals