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Winter Indoor Lacrosse

Winter indoor lacrosse sessions will be held at the Midland Civic Arena from Nov to Feb. The schedule may vary somewhat depending on turf availability, but the sessions will typically be on Wednesday evenings. We intentionally set the price as low as we can to cover the cost of turf rental. Given the low registration cost (less than $10 per sessions on a per-session basis), we don't include options for drop-ins or registrations for only part of the winter season since the turf rental fee is a fixed cost.

Each session will consist of one hour of scrimmaging for the older groups and a combination of drills and scrimmaging for the youngest groups.

No special "box" protective gear will be needed. Field lacrosse protective gear will be adequate (for boys, that means: helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, mouth guard, and cup).

Below is info from 2022/23. The 2023/24 version will probably be similar. Registration will open this fall (probably in late September or early October when our dates and times at the civic arena are confirmed).


Total # of

hours (at least)

Girls K-5th 8 $50
Girls 6th-12th 12 $100
Boys K-4th 8 $50
Boys 5th/6th 12 $100
Boys 7th/8th 12 $100
Boys 9th-10th 12 $100
Boys 11th-12th 12 $100
Men 12 $75


The Midland Lacrosse Club is a 100% Membership association with USA Lacrosse. All coaches and players are required to be members of US Lacrosse. Among the benefits of membership, one of the most important is liability insurance coverage for players, coaches, our board, and our other volunteers. In order to register for winter lax at the civic arena, you will first need to secure a valid membership with USA Lacrosse.


Approximately 3-4 sessions per month for the older groups and 2-3 sessions per month for the youngest groups.

Registration Link

Registration for 2023/24 will probably open in late September or early October.